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August M. Zoebl

The Industry of Grace and Feelings

As medical doctor I try to find the cause of what I see.
As photographer I see the cause of what I find: Is it me?
So creating immages is not only a journey into moments, grace and feelings, it's also about defining yourself:
Who am I when I simply open my eyes?
What do I see?
What catches my eye?
What can I make happen?
Who am I when I have the freedom of creation?
What decisions do I take? What are my ideals?
What are my ideas?
My intention was not to become an industrial photographer, but in industry i found the forces to move mountains.
Especially in alliance with the "industry" of sacral forces, the power of cause and decision can also lift us against gravity: Here we are.
With our freedom and responsibility we can participate and create against every statistic probability.